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Our farming strategy is based on a soil building principal called “Management Intensive Grazing”  (MIG). Instead of turning our cows onto all the pasture at once we fence off a portion and let them eat that then move them off and fence the chickens on that portion. After about three or four days the chickens get moved off and that portion of pasture gets a rest while it grows again. In the meanwhile the cows and chickens are moving on to new fresh pasture.

There are many benefits to this kind of strategy, one is the cows and chickens always have a fresh salad bar to enjoy rather than the same thing they had been trying to avoid for various reasons whether because of it being tainted from their own droppings or being overripe or having been trampled down or whatever.

Another benefit is the soil gets built up without having to do all the intrusive commercial sprays and fertilizers, which in turn is more earthworm friendly also beneficial for soil building. Neither are we contributing to the commercial spray and fertilizer run-off in our streams and rivers with this kind of strategy.

At this time I want to thank you for considering to partner with us in this earth/soil- friendly production of food, where you/we are no longer a detriment to the land but actually an aid to healing the land.

We pride ourselves in home made, naturally grown meats. Nutrition, health and respect for the earth are what drive us to make wholesome products available and affordable to others.

We currently  sell  beef, poultry, fresh eggs,  pork and turkey. All of our products are raised on pasture. See our page links above for more details.

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